By Imam Muhammad Ndiaye - Islam and Culture

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  • Tombon

    Once again you do it,beautiful speech from humble man.May Allah bless you Dear Muhammad Ndiaye.
    A truely speech,mainly in Africa,people make confusion between our traditional culture(coûtume in french) and Islam.It's lazy for many people to learn thoroughly Furqan(Coran),importantly to know the signification to what you read in arab.We must continuous to do effort to be near to Allah.Big thks Dear

  • Boybargny

    Ya imam nous sommes derriere toi. May Allah Protects younagainst your ennemies, staybnstrong.

  • BABA

    Salam by ALLAH our ennemies can't do anything against you.because GOD is always with is our own brothers who are our ennemies.imam you are truely right no salat no janna.may ALLAH protect you from those evil persons.from baba keita senegal